Do you want to buy toys for children? Recommended for children wooden toys Croco

Children's wooden toys TM Kroko&woodi / Croco are designed primarily to convey the child of knowledge about the world of nature, and to fill his mind a sense of complicity and edinosti with the world, which he is studying. This is one of the first steps to understanding physical laws and to adopt the child sensuality to the present. No synthetic toy is not able, increasingly, to pass your baby mothering our land.

How useful wooden toys  
Real Truthful information about the world, the child learns to touch the tree, the smell and the weight
Developing Toddler develops fine motor skills of hands, creative skills, imagination, perseverance, thinking, memory, logic, speech
Creative Easier than a child's toy, so it is more trains non-standard thinking and imagination
Good, clear Due to the simple and large parts in the toy embodied childish innocence, giving it a good character
Eco-toy Natural, safe, warm natural materials
Durable Favorite toy, if you do not get lost, can not serve for the education of one child


Educational toys, children's wooden toys Kroko&woodi / Croco

In the online shop of wooden toys Kroko&woodi / Croco, you can buy educational wooden toys for children of different levels of difficulty. Kids will be useful and interesting puzzles African animals: crocodile, elephant, lion, turtle and others. They will help to learn numbers and the alphabet. Pleasant to the touch and has an exceptional smell of birch and alder tree makes more knowledge and helpful.

A significant part of our customers' advantage notes toys - an unforgettable fresh smell. And to be honest, it is very nice to watch when the baby is holding a natural and safe wooden educational toys. It is a feeling that the very nature of care for the child and encourages him with love and overbearing master the world.

For children from 5 years, to the joy and pleasure, you can buy a wooden hut Designer, ship, tower, cars, and even a rhinoceros dollhouse. It will present a fun and creative pastime result.

By bringing a child original wooden products, you can give it richness and color, breathing life into it and plot using paints, pens and pencils, and your imagination. I would like to note that the meeting designer - it's not just a toy, which are assembled, can be used in the game. For example, a house - still a good casket for storage of personal belongings.

Section finished wooden model was created Croco for those who wish to purchase already assembled constructor. He also vlyuchaet wooden figures. One of the favorite gift figures for girls are a ballerina. They are made of smooth plywood and are ideal for decorating them in decoupage technique. With the same purpose, acquired doll furniture that looks very realistic.

Croco offers visitors also souvenirs and educational kits. You can order a wooden souvenir of their own design for a holiday or event. Such a gift certainly will be unique and creative.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. This will help make toys Kroko more interesting and varied.