About us

Company «Kroko&Woodi» start production in 2012 Its purpose was to manufacture unusual, interesting toys for children, to help them get pleasure not only from the gameplay, but also developing their creative skills, intelligence and abilities in different periods of age.

Today, under the brand name «Kroko&Wodi» produced educational children's wooden toys: models, sets of puzzles and designers razvivalki and souvenirs. Production facilities are located in Ukraine and in Russia (contact information).

All products are created by our experts to with trepidation and concern to benefit children. Choosing wooden toys Kroko & Woodi, you get the unique products made from environmentally friendly material produced from high-quality wood without the use of coatings.

Paying great attention to the quality of manufactured products, all products Kroko&Woodi not only environmentally friendly and pleasant in their tactile sensations, but also ideal for coloring and development of creativity in children. And an enthusiastic interest in toys Kroko & Woodi not give our team to stop there and emphasizes the correctness of the chosen direction - delight children developing their personality.

This is what inspires us to work towards the creation of new developmental gaming kits filled childhood children living energy of natural materials, kindness and smiles fairy-tale characters, expanding the range of goods and giving joy knowledge and amazing discoveries every day!


Educational Toys Kroko&woodi