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Puzzle Crocodile "Kroko" Puzzle Crocodile "Kroko" Puzzle Crocodile "Kroko" Puzzle Crocodile "Kroko"
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Age of Children: 3 years

Number of pieces: 31 pcs.

Material: Birch, alder

Weight: 0.276 kg

Model size: 650 x 172 mm

Package size: 375 x 185 mm

Information on puzzles: English alphabet

The story of the crocodile Kroko and his friends

Hi all, who decided to make friends with me. I am a crocodile, and my name is Kroko . Everyone is afraid of me because of the 24 large teeth, and say that crocodiles cry when they eat their prey. But it's all myths. I really want to make friends and find friends. Because tell you about myself a little bit more detail, using scientific facts and arguments.

Over the past 65 million years crocodiles and alligators have not changed. In the afternoon we usually bask in the sun on the river bank. By nightfall, the majority of time is spent in the river. Swim, as well as other crocodiles, in a special way, raking water webbed feet. And if you need to go faster, the tail in this good work, moving from side to side. Actually, I love to swim. Participate in all competitions and there are results. And I like the flowers of water lilies. When they bloom on the river, then comes a sense of celebration.

The biggest relative of mine is considered saltwater crocodile. He lives in India, northern Australian and Fiji. The length of its 7 meters and weigh up to 1 ton. In this krokodilihi lay eggs that are no larger than goose.

Dwarf crocodile, quite small, its size is barely 190 centimeters and most of his time he spends on the ground.

The tears we emerge from an overabundance of salt, is a defensive reaction of the organism rather than cruelty and callousness. It is a pity that most of the animals and the people in it do not believe. From this it is often sad.

So, a little more interesting. First, I met with butterfly Tutsi. She just sat on one of the pads and saw droplets of moisture when the boat raced and tipped water lily. I put it on your nose to the wings had dried. It was then that Tootsie and invited me to take a picture with her. This was the beginning of friendship and the beginning of the creation of the world "Kroko&Woodi" . All my friends who gave photos became residents of this world. We all decided to do something useful for the kindest people in the world - little children. That they do not become indifferent boat drivers, but to understand the nature and loving people. Since implementing the ideas to develop children's toys - wooden puzzles that depict all of my friends and me: zebra Effie , Hippo Zhora , elephant Jumbo, lion Leo giraffe Senya , butterfly Tutsi , turtle Emma , snake Neyu and crocodile Kroko. And yet, when we're all going to invent something and master designers with environmentally friendly wood and wooden models: hut , houses , sled , cars , tower and ships . So join us, will be happy to make new friends.

By the way, dear reader, children's puzzles Crocodile Kroko I really like. I am for them several times posed. Necessary to connect the imagination and creativity to decorate them and get a picture with my picture.

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