Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"

 Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"
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 Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"  Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"  Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"  Puzzle Elephant "Jumbo"
Price: 4.50 eur.
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Age of Children: 3 years

Number of pieces: 13 pcs.

Material: Birch, alder

Weight: 0,151 kg

Model size: 238 x 173 mm

Package size: 238 x 178 mm

Information on puzzles: numbers

The story about elephants

Hello, little readers, today we received a letter from the elephant Jumbo: "Very busy at the zoo, play with the kids. Posing for prettification children's puzzles elephant. Please pass this letter and developing wooden toy elephant as my uncle. "Let us refer of course, but where? Address Unknown ... How do we know the address where the family lives of our friend? Do I need to look into the book of nature. She tells us, elephants live only in Africa or India. These species are not too similar to each other. The elephant that lives in Africa - most of those animals that live on land. But in spite of great growth and menacing look, the elephant is very good animal. it's hard to believe that he only eats grass and leaves, but it is. Indian elephant and several smaller African slimmer. These elephants is our friend. Jumbo has a high forehead and a curved back, neat ears. Now everything is clear, we are going to India. in the jungles of India, all animals converge to the river to quench their thirst. Yes here and relatives of our friend, the elephant.

-Uvazhaemye Elephants, whether you have a nephew who spends time at the zoo? Elephants uniquely nodded and baby elephant hid behind her mother.

- As we are happy, then this letter and wooden puzzles Jumbo for you.

How does an amazing animal is the elephant. By nature he got the trunk, which replaces the hand. Do elephants very short neck. And without trunk he could not Dotyanutsya water and grass. In addition, the trunk allows you to capture odors at a distance of three kilometers. Life expectancy is 60-70 years of elephants. Mom continues to feed the baby with her milk for three years. Elephants are hoping that their little son, too, will help people. For example, to entertain children as a gay Jumbo. But he is still young growth, because it will be possible to begin training when he was 10 years old.

Elephants have long been helping people by dragging gravity: rocks, logs. They are loyal aides in the construction of houses and dams. They are very intelligent and can realize up to 30 teams. So many animals no one is terrible. Any animal in a hurry to get out of their way. An angry elephant even a tiger and a lion would dare to block the road. But straggler from the herd of elephant can become easy prey for predators, so adults are closely watching the kids. After all, the famous elephants tusks are not to attack and for protection.

People used to destroy a huge number of these wonderful animals to do all kinds of ivory. Now elephants brought in the Red Book. This means that these animals are very small and they need protection.

Our new friends say that the city is now starting a holiday, in which they participate, and the need to know the exact time of the procession. Elephant raises its trunk and publishes special, very low sounds (scientists call them infrasound), so he communicates with his relatives who are already in the city, which is located 10 kilometers away from us. This ability allows you to transfer animal news a great distance. So holiday starts in half an hour. Well it's time to say goodbye, we will not make respected elephants hurry, though, if necessary, elephants can reach speeds of 30-40 miles per hour.

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